Rotating Header Image

In order to be in compliance with WCAG 2 criteria, items on a page should not automatically move, blink, scroll, or update, including carousels like the rotating header image on the home page. We do not have an accessible play/pause button for this and other carousels on the YaleSites 2016 templated themes, so, we offer one of the following options to make the rotating header image accessible. More on hero images/carousels.

Since the 2016 Themes are wider than the original Themes, larger images need to be used for the rotating/splash photos for the home page. In addition, the size of these images is different based on the Theme chosen.

New sites will deploy with sample photos that are sized 1500 x 783 pixels. Although these will scale down for the smaller width themes, for optimum image display, the site owner should update their photo content using the size that works best for their Theme. There is no built-in image cropping/resizing for this.

Optimum image sizes for the 3 themes are:
  • Standard:   766 x 400 pixels
  • Boxed:      1284 x 450 pixels
  • Wide:       1500 x 525 pixels