Working with Vendors

Yale’s Web Accessibility Policy covers any University Website that conducts university business. Often, these websites or applications are purchased from vendors, or vendors provide services related to the design or development of such websites. Site owners will be responsible for ensuring that vendors are aware of Yale’s accessibility requirements and follow through on commitments involving  accessibility.

When purchasing or otherwise acquiring a website or web application, software with a user interface, or electronic documents, fill out the Web or Technology Procurement Updates Form. Doing so will provide the ITS Digital Accessibility team information that will help them advise Procurement while negotiating accessibility commitments from vendors.

Yale provides support for site owners as they work with vendors to ensure accessibility. Review Yale’s guidance for raising accessibility as a concern, and contact ITS at if you would like further support.

When issuing an RFP or negotiating a contract, please use Yale’s approved accessibility language.

To learn more about digital accessibility and purchasing, watch this 15-minute video, Buy Accessible: How to Make Accessible Digital Purchases. You must be on the Yale VPN to connect to Panopto remotely.