Change Rotating Header Image on Page Load

To eliminate autorotation to the rotating header image, follow these steps. This way, your site will display a variety of images while meeting accessibility criteria.
  • Enable the Ajax Blocks module
  • Click on the Rotating Header view gear and select Configure Block

  • Click on AJAX settings (bottom left of page)
  • Change Load block via AJAX from no to yes. All other edits stay the same. Save changes

  • Select Edit view

  • Change PAGER to display 1 item
  • Go to FIELDS > Content: Header Image - settings should look like this:

Go to SORT CRITERIA and Change setting to Global: Random (asc)

  • Click on the Add button closest to the right of it.
  • Type Global in the search field, click on the Global: Random option and Apply selection.

  • To remove other sort criteria click on the carot next with the Add button and select Rearrange.

  • Remove previous criteria.