Accommodation Plans

When a website is not accessible, an accommodation plan should be put in place. An accommodation plan describes how people can request assistance, how the request will be handled, and the length of time the assistance can be expected to take. Yale provides a template for creating accommodation plans:

Sharing the accommodation plan with the ITS Digital Accessibility team will assist IT support providers such as the Help Desk in directing users to the appropriate services for assistance. You can email an accommodation plan to the accessibility team via The team is also available to assist in the creation of accommodation plans.

Per the Web Accessibility Policy, all University websites should have an easy-to-find link to a page explaining Yale’s commitment to accessibility and providing a way to report accessibility issues. You can find more information about this from the Web Accessibility Procedure. For sites requiring an accommodation plan, it may be beneficial to also provide a direct link or phone number for requesting help, such as “Contact xyz for accessibility assistance.”