Accessibility Statement Page

The university’s Web Accessibility Policy requires that all university websites and applications have an easy-to-find link to a page explaining Yale’s commitment to accessibility and providing a way to report accessibility issues.

Language to Use

The simplest way to meet the requirement is to include a link titled “Accessibility at Yale” in the footer of the website or application, linking to, the general accessibility statement page.

If space limitations make “Accessibility at Yale” too long, “Web Accessibility” or “Accessibility” are acceptable alternatives.

Short Statements

If it is not possible to include a short text link in a footer, or link to a website, for example on a vended website, application or mobile app with limited support for customization, include the following statement and a contact email address or phone number:

“Yale is committed to making its digital resources accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you require assistance or wish to report an issue related to the accessibility of any content on this [website/application/mobile app], please visit Accessibility at Yale or [email, or call, contact info].”

The statement must include a link to the general accessibility statement page for Yale. This statement should be presented on the first page of the website or application. In the case of a mobile app, include the statement in the “About” section of the app, as outlined in the Mobile Application Identity Guidelines.


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