Add Null Alt Attribute Field to Bedework Importer

Go to Structure > Feed importers > Yale Bedework Calendar

From the Edit tab do this:

  • Select Node Processor, select Mapping.
  • Scroll to the bottom to Select a source
  • Choose Blank Source and make the target Image: Alt (field_event_image:alt)

Next click on the Tamper tab

  • Scroll to the bottom to Blank source (1 or whatever name you named it) -> Image:Alt
  • Click on Add plugin
    • Under Other, Set value or default value
    • Leave the Value field blank, check the Only if empty box and Save.

Bedework updates automatically every hour, but if you don’t want to wait, go to Content > Import, click on the Yale Bedework calendar link, then click on the Import button.

Once this is done, as long as the Image field in the view has the Link image option set to Nothing and not Content, WAVE will no longer throw an error.