Web Content Editor Training

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Instructor-Led Training

Content Editors Workshop

Yale ITS offers in-person workshops to create and maintain accessible digital content. This training is general enough that its principles can work on any website on any platform. Upcoming sessions include: 

Zoom link available on the TMS registration page. You must be on the Yale VPN to connect to the TMS remotely.

Sign up for the content editor training on Yale TMS. Yale will offer these and trainings on an ongoing basis, and new dates will be put on this page.

Training videos available on YouTube:

Intro to Accessibility Part I: How People with Disabilities Use the Web & WCAG 2 AA

Intro to Accessility Part II: Accessible Writing–HTML Page Titles & Headings

Intro to Accessibility Part III: Readability

Intro to Accessibility Part IV: Links

Intro to Accessibility Part V: Images & Alt-Text

Intro to Accessibility Part VI: Tables

Powerpoint Slides

Other Resources

Many trainings targeted to faculty are nevertheless open for the entire Yale community.

Checkout our Best Practices for Documents page for online resources and tutorials about PDFs and documents.