Accessible Document Training

Yale ITS offers in-person workshops to create, remediate, and maintain accessible digital Word documents and pdfs. Yale will offer these and trainings on an ongoing basis, and new dates will be put on this page. Upcoming sessions include: 

Accessible Word Documents, PowerPoints, and PDFs: Basics

  • Wednesday, December 9, from 9-10:30 am via Zoom.

Zoom link available on the TMS registration page. You must be on the Yale VPN to connect to the TMS remotely.

Sign up for the Accessible Word documents and PDFs: Basics workshop on Yale TMS.  

Watch a screencast of this training on YouTube (captioned).

Download the PowerPoint slides from Accessible Word Documents, PowerPoints, and PDFs: Basics (Please do not distribute).

Download Accessible Yale-branded PowerPoint Templates, light and dark backgrounds

Online Advanced Accessible PDF Training

After mastering the basics of document accessibility using the options above, we recommend the following 2 courses from LinkedIn Learning (NOTE: Yale affiliates do not need to pay for these courses. Sign in using your Yale email address to be directed to the CAS login screen).

Creating Accessible PDFs

Advanced Accessible PDFs