About Usability

Usability means “ease of use.” Focusing on usability will help you make better websites that are pleasant and useful.

Why Should I Care about Usability?

Sites and applications we design are only useful if they are usable.

Focusing on usability ensures that you:

  • Think first about the tasks your users need to accomplish
  • Help reduce frustration
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Create more cost-effective solutions, by helping users accomplish their goals more quickly and easily

What Affects Usability

Whether your site or application is easy to use depends on several factors:

  • Learnability - How easy is it for me to use it for the first time?
  • Efficiency - After using your site, how quickly can I perform essential tasks? 
  • Memorability - If I return to the site after not using it for some time, how easily can I pick it up again?
  • Errors - How many errors do I make, and how easy is it to recover from errors? 
  • Satisfaction - How pleasant is it to use?

Essential Resources: 

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