Step 2: Prioritize and take action

Conducting a quantitative and qualitative audit will help you determine the scope and the quality of your content. 

Take Action

Once you’ve captured and prioritized the content, mark it with one of four actions: 

  1. Unpublish content that is unpopular with your audience (low analytics ranking), does not have a defined audience, is inaccurate or out of date, poor quality, and does not meet an organizational goal.
  2. Revise content that is inaccurate/out of date or of poor quality, but does have a defined audience, serves an audience need, meets an organizational goal, and is popular with your audience.
  3. Keep content that meets all criteria.
  4. Create new content if you’ve identified content gaps and the content has a defined audience, serves and audience need, or may serve an organizational goal.

Essential Resources: