Step 1: Set goals

Your organization has a mission, and that mission is not to “have a website.” Meeting with stakeholders and target audience members helps you define your organizational goals and audience needs; successful content satisfies both criteria.

How to Discover your goals

  1. Review the Yale Imprint
  2. Interview your stakeholders (leaders, goal-setters)
  3. Interview your audience members
  4. Focus on your audience
  5. Start with “core content”
  6. Validate with your audience (user research)

Essential Resources: 

What to do without strategic goals

In the absence of strategic goals, focus on your audience:

    • What do your users email you about?
    • What information is critical to serving their needs?

    Establish a Content Plan

    1. Identify your audiences and organizational goals
    2. Map out your core page types, audience and audience needs, organizational goals, and update frequency. All pages should be reviewed at least once annually, if not more frequently.

    Essential Resources: