Plan for the creation and maintenance of useful, usable content.

Your organization has a mission, and that mission is not to “have a website.” Meeting with stakeholders and target audience members helps you define your organizational goals and audience needs; successful content satisfies both criteria.

Conducting a quantitative and qualitative audit will help you determine the scope and the quality of your content. 

Every piece of content needs a job, either serving an audience need or fulfilling an organizational goal (preferably both). It is also important that your content is concise and well-organized, particularly for those using mobile devices.

Measuring content performance is a critical step because it ensures that you can evaluate the success or failure of your content against your goals.

A content strategy is a living document and should be continually reviewed to ensure that it’s current and relevant. Additionally, it’s important to establish a plan for maintenance, to guarantee that your strategy will be put into action.